Bourbon and Harleys – This Isn’t Good

The Iron 1200 falls victim to an aluminium and steel fight.

There is collateral damage being done to all manner of business that weren’t in the original fight. With the USA imposing tariffs on European aluminum and steel, the European Union, the largest trading block in the world, is about to impose retaliatory tariffs on a number of US products. The EU seems to be approaching its tariff strategy by pinpointing products that originate in Republican states. Eschewing entertainment, banking and high tech industries to perhaps avoid the ire of Democrat strongholds in New York and California, the EU is targeting such items as… gasp, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and bourbon, Tennessee whisky and rye whiskey. Some of the big players in the amber bottle business have been sending over big shipments of the hard stuff as to have a stockpile in Europe prior to the tariffs coming into effect. It’s unlikely that Harley-Davidson could make a similar move that would help negate the effects of the upcoming actions which will raise the price of a Harley for potential European customers. Unfortunately motorcycles have been pawns in a variety of trade spats over the years often related to disputes that have nothing to do with our two wheeled passion. It is anyone’s guess as to when and if the tariffs will be lifted.


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