The Best Pictures? TrialGP

bou trialgp 2018
Toni Bou going vertical to win his 99th world championship event.

If you were going to argue about where the best motorsport images originate , you have to include Trials high on the list. Trials proves beyond a doubt that speed does not by definition make for excitement. Trials puts every small movement, every balanced foot, every calculated twist of the throttle under a microscope. But that doesn’t make it the so photogenic. Trials competitions – especially those of the TrialsGP – most often take place in beautiful natural settings throughout Europe – forests, mountainsides and meadows filled with both man-made and natural obstacles.  A good location makes for a good picture. Many of those obstacles to the layman seem extraordinarily imposing – which brings us to the second reason that trials makes for such amazing photography. The riders and the machines accomplish things that defy gravity and more importantly, common sense. Take for example this image of Toni Bou. The setting is the mountains of Andorra ( a tiny country in the Pyrenees between Spain and France). The elevation is over 4200 ft. The rock is big, the terrain treacherous and Bou is vertical. In this, the third round of the 2018 TrialGP, Bou won his 99th world championship event which equals the record held by seven time champion Dougie Lampkin.

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